The EMS/TENS has 64 pre-programmed applications. It also has 6 customisable programs that allow you to adjust the frequency, pulse width and on/off time.

    ??Pain therapy (TENS)

    ??Muscle stimulation (EMS)

    ??Relaxation and massage

    ??Electrode positioning indicator

    ??Includes 4 self-adhesive gel electrodes (45 x 45 mm)

    ??2 separately adjustable channels

    ??64 pre-programmed applications

    ??6 customisable programs: frequency, pulse width, on/off time programmable

    ??Adjustable intensity

    ??Countdown timer

    ??Safety switch-off

    ??Doctor’s function for perfect coordination with your personal treatment programme

    ??Medical device

    Inverse LCD display with blue backlight


    The ergonomically shaped portable pedicure device features a strong LED light that creates ideal light conditions during application. Two different sandpaper attachments, a protective cap and a cleaning brush are also included in delivery.

    • With integrated LED light
    • Incl. 2 sandpaper attachments for removing hard or rough skin and calluses
    • 1x fine and 1x coarse attachment
    • On/off switch with switch-on guard
    • Incl. cleaning brush
    • Incl. protective cap
    • Battery-powered

    Trim the hair on your face precisely and in a skin-friendly manner. An additional comb attachment for two trimming lengths allows for very precise application.? Shape and trim your eyebrows and nose and ear hair with skill.

    • For shaping and trimming eyebrows, nose and ear hairs
    • High-quality vertical stainless steel blade for maximum skin compatibility
    • Splash-proof
    • Extra comb attachment with 3/6 mm
    • Battery-powered
    • Incl. protective cap, cleaning brush and storage bag

    Dry your hair in a particularly environmentally friendly manner ? with a consumption of just 1400 watts, the hair dryer provides the same results as a conventional hair dryer with 2000 watts.

    • ECO technology ? 1400 watt consumption with 2000 watt output
    • Touch sensor ? hair dryer switches on and off automatically when touched
    • 3 heat settings
    • 2 blower settings
    • LED operating display
    • Lockable cold air setting to give the hairstyle hold
    • Automatic overheating protection
    • Hanging loop for easy storage
    • Removable safety filter for simple cleaning
    • Slim professional nozzle
    • Volume diffuser
    • Soft-touch surface

    Let’s play it safe! Long-lasting hair removal6)?for use at home ? the dermatologically approved IPL hair removal devices from Beurer guarantee safety and skin tolerance from the first application.

    • Long-lasting hair removal6)?with professional technology from the beauty salon2)
    • Skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed1)
    • Fastest application on the market4)
    • XXL ? large 7 cm light surface2
    • State-of-the-art light technology with unrivalled safety
    • Lifetime flashes ? up to 250,000 light pulses
    • Incl. precision attachment
    • With automatic sensor for individual skin tone detection
    • State-of-the-art light technology used by dermatologists for professional hair removal
    • IPL (intense pulsed light) deactivates the hair follicle deep under the skin to prevent hair regrowth
    • Up to 50% hair reduction after just 3 to 4 treatments
    • Unrivalled safety with the 2-in-1 skin-type and skin-contact sensor
    • Integrated UV filter
    • 6 energy levels
    • For the face5), arms, legs, armpits, bikini line and the back, chest and stomach
    • Around just 26 minutes to treat the entire body4)
    • Flash-glide function for convenient application
    • Not suitable for dark skin tones and particularly light/white hair
    • Mains operation1) IPL 7500/Pure Skin Pro/Velvet Skin Pro dermatological study, 20 women, Institut proDERM Hamburg, study no. 14.0309-11IPL 9000+/10000+ dermatological study, 36 women, Institut proDERM, Hamburg, study no. 14.0148-112) Technology reviewed by the Institut proDerm, Hamburg3) At the lowest energy level for arms, legs, face, armpits and the bikini line4) At the highest energy level for arms, legs, face, armpits and the bikini line5) On the face for women only, below the cheek line6) Long-lasting results over several months

    This little helper provides a soothing massage for any occasion. The mini massager fits in any handbag thanks to its compact design.

    • Gentle vibration massage
    • Relaxation for any occasion ? at home, at the office or on the move
    • Ideal for back, neck, arms and legs
    • Small and handy
    • With LED light

    The spa mini massager is waterproof and can therefore even be used in the bath and shower ? wellness for any occasion.

    • Water-resistant exfoliation device and massager
    • Gentle vibration massage
    • 12 massage nubs
    • Ideal for back, neck, arms and legs
    • Water-resistant ? can be used in the shower and bath
    • With 2-sided exfoliation attachment ? loofah and soft cotton

    The infrared massager provides a soothing and relaxing vibration massage. You can alter the massage according to your wishes thanks to the 3 interchangeable attachments.

    • Soothing and relaxing vibration massage
    • Infrared heat can be selected separately
    • 3 interchangeable massage attachments (2x nub attachment, brush attachment)
    • 2 function levels (vibration massage, vibration massage with infrared heat)

    With the penetrating and relaxing tapping massage you can relax and loosen your muscles.

    • Penetrating and relaxing tapping massage
    • For relaxing and loosening muscles
    • Continuously adjustable massage intensity
    • Heat function can be selected separately
    • 3 interchangeable massage attachments (nub attachment, round attachment, cylinder-shaped attachment) with threads for secure hold and easy use
    • Non-slip handle
    • Ergonomically shaped

    Preventing insect bites and stings by natural means isn?t easy. That?s why we have developed the BR 60 Insect bite healer ? with no chemical additives! It?s a must-have device for at home and when on the go.

    • Heat can accelerate healing
    • Also suitable if you are pregnant as there are no chemical additives – only by means of warmth
    • 2 different programmes
      • Programme 1: for first application and people with sensitive skin
      • Programme 2: for regular use
    • Can help combat itching and swelling
    • Quick-warming ceramic hot plate
    • Modern, practical design

    Flawless complexion thanks to blue LED light. The facial brush cleans gently and thoroughly for a noticeably soft and radiant complexion. The blue LED light reduces skin impurities fast.

    • 2 function levels:?vibrating and pulsating
    • Blue LED light to combat skin impurities
    • Effective in the first 24 hours
    • 2 function levels ? vibration for exceptionally gentle cleansing and pulsation for thorough cleansing to give skin a soft and smooth feel
    • Water-resistant (IPX7):?can be used in the shower and bath
    • 3 speed settings
    • Battery indicator ? lithium-ion battery
    • Incl. soft brush attachment
    • Incl. 1-minute timer (3 x 20 sec.) for precise application adapted to the skin zones
    • Battery-powered

    The ionic facial sauna ensures particularly deep hydration thanks to ion technology. It opens the pores on the face, has a deep-cleansing effect and promotes blood circulation.

    • Moistens the skin
    • Ion technology for deeper hydration
    • Removable and dishwasher-safe water tank (100 ml)
    • Opens pores on the face
    • Deep-cleansing effect and promotes blood circulation
    • Adjustable nozzle
    • Indicator lamp
    • Incl. measuring jug
    • Ion function can be selected separately
    • Automatic switch-off
    • On/off button ? touch sensor
    • Mains operation

    The electrical facial brush cleans up to 4 times more thoroughly than cleansing by hand. It is gentle and thorough, meaning your skin will be noticeably softer and you will have a radiant complexion.

    • With 2-level rotation
    • 4 times more thorough than cleansing by hand*
    • Water-resistant (IPX7) ? can be used in the shower and bath
    • 2 speed settings
    • Illuminated on/off switch for operating display
    • Battery indicator for nearly empty batteries
    • Hanger ring for practical storage
    • Incl. soft brush attachment
    • Battery-powered

    The facial brush cleans up to 6 times more thoroughly than by hand. Circular or oscillating rotation and 4 different brush attachments ? choose depending on your skin type and personal preference!

    • Up to 6 times more thorough cleansing action than by hand*
    • 2 rotation settings:?circular rotation for exceptionally gentle cleansing and oscillating rotation for thorough cleansing to give skin a soft and smooth feel
    • Water-resistant (IPX7):?can be used in the shower and bath
    • 3 speed settings
    • Illuminated on/off switch
    • Ergonomically shaped
    • Indicator lamp for speed display
    • 4 brush attachments:?for all skin types, for sensitive skin, for deep-pore cleansing and for deep-cleansing exfoliation
    • Incl. 1-minute timer (3 x 20 sec.) for precise application adapted to the skin zones
    • Battery-powered

    With the sleep sensor, you can monitor your sleep and determine the causes of possible sleep problems. Your sleep activity is continuously and precisely recorded. Your data is evaluated using the free “beurer SleepExpert” app.

    • High-precision non-contact sensor for professional sleep recording
    • Discreet, unobtrusive ? placed under the mattress
    • For measuring, analysing and improving personal sleeping habits
    • Validated in a sleep lab
    • Recording of heart rate, respiratory rate and movement
    • Precise sleep phase analysis/hypnogram
    • Sleep score display ? clear evaluation of sleep quality
    • Graphic display of recorded data (day/week/month)
    • Function to detect interruptions in your breathing
    • Assessment of overnight rest
    • Sleep diary
    • Personalised tips for a better night’s sleep
    • Fresh Wake function to help you wake up well-rested in the right sleep phase
    • Moon phase display
    • Export function
    • Incl. mains part plug
    • “beurer SleepExpert” app available for free download
    • Can only be used with the “beurer SleepExpert” app

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